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Junior Cycle CSPE

Textbook: A World of Wellbeing & Workbook (EDCO)

Strand 1: Rights and Responsibilities

Strand 2: Global Citizenship

Strand 3: Exploring Democracy

The short course in CSPE aims to inform, inspire, empower and enable young people to participate as active citizens in contemporary society at local, national and global levels, based on an understanding of human rights and social responsibilities.

CSPE is a core pillar of the junior cycle Wellbeing programme. The six indicators of wellbeing – Active, Responsible, Connected, Resilient, Respected and Aware - describe what is important for young people and their wellbeing. The CSPE short course supports young people to develop all six indicators of wellbeing. (NCCA: Junior Cycle Specification: CSPE)

Wellbeing indicators

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Junior cycle students will partake in 100 hours of CSPE between first and third year.

There is no final examination in CSPE.

Students will complete one Classroom Based Assessment in either second or third year. Students will carry out an action research project and complete an action record for this assessment.

Jun 23
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Aug 25
6th Year Orientation Programme (9.00 -11.45)
Aug 25
5th Year Orientation Programme (12.15 - 3.00pm)
Aug 28
TY Orientation Programme (9.00 to 11.45am)
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