The Mathematics Department of Sacred Heart Secondary School consists of 10 teachers. As Mathematics teachers we hope to develop in students mathematical skills and knowledge that will prepare them for life and for state examinations and give them personal fulfilment and a sense of achievement.

 Maths is offered to students at all levels – Foundation, Ordinary and Higher level in Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate courses.  Maths is also provided as part of the Transition Year and Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.


The maths syllabus is divided into five strands;
1. Statistics and Probability
2. Geometry and Trigonometry
3. Number
4. Algebra
5. Functions


With the introduction of the Junior Cycle Mathematics (students who entered 2018/2019) there is one final exam paper at the end of third year and two classroom based assessments, one in second year and one in third year. The specification for Junior Cycle Mathematics focuses on developing students' ability to think logically, strategically, critically, and creatively through the Unifying Strand and the four contextual strands: Number; Geometry and Trigonometry; Algebra and Functions; and Statistics and Probability.

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Through our Mathematics Programme we aim to;

  1. To provide an enhanced student learning experience.
  2. To develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for further education, for life and for work.
  3. To foster a positive attitude towards mathematics in the learner.
  4. To emphasise students’ understanding of mathematical concepts in a way that is meaningful for them.
  5. To promote mathematics in everyday situations appreciating its relativity to daily life and to the world of work.
  6. To encourage student participation in class
  7. To prepare students for Junior and Leaving Certificate Examinations paying particular attention to the appropriate levels for students.
  8. To equip the students to deal with mathematical concepts across the school curriculum.
  9. To recognise and present logical arguments.
  10. To encourage the use of ICT in mathematics.

 Sacred Heart Secondary School promotes mixed ability education where appropriate. Upon entry into 1st year the students are divided into mixed ability classes. From 2nd to 6th year we try to have class groupings that are working towards the same exam level. However, as we try to give each student the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential, we regularly have a class working at two levels.



 Maths Support Club

This is a drop-in service that takes place after school. Students attend on their own or in groups and they work on their own mathematics material. When they encounter a difficulty, one of the tutors will help them. The tutors include 5th year students, TY students and two teachers. The tutors will assist students with any queries that they have and will help with methods and any questions that students have regarding mathematics.

A 5th year and a 6th year Maths Club also takes place once a week on Wednesdays at lunchtime.


Irish Junior Mathematics Competition 2019

Congratulations two of our 1st year students, Shauna Geraghty and Laura Hewson, who reached the final of the Irish Junior Mathematics Competition 2019 (organised by the IMTA) on Friday March 29th.

Weekly Riddle

We encourage all students to take part in our weekly school riddle. It is announced in assembly and answers can be left in the box outside our Principal's and Deputy Principal’s offices.

Open Night Photographs


Maths Department Award Winners

                             Claudia Lisco 2016                             Ailish Newton 2017                                           Jiye Xu 2018