Sacred Heart Secondary School

Art, Craft & Design Curriculum

Teacher :  Sharon Stafford.


Junior Certificate Curriculum

1st - 3rd Year

The Junior Certificate classes consist of a maximum of 24 students per class and are mixed ability.

Higher Level and Ordinary level are taught together.

The timetable consists of two single classes and one double class per week.

Core Syllabus:



Graphic Design                  (Poster , Book Cover, Stamp, Packaging,  etc)

 3D Studies                          (modelling and construction)

 Printing                               (lino printing)

Textiles                                (Embroidery and Batik)

Students learn about artists and other artist’s work in conjunction with their own practical work.

 Art History as a subject is not taught at Junior Certificate Level.


Junior Certificate Examination:

Classroom,Project Based Examination:

Dates:                   Early October – end of April of their Junior Cert Year.

(Art project is completed over the course of this year during art classes). 


Drawing Examination:    In addition to the project, students sit a drawing examination in the first week of May.  (Object and Figure).


Leaving Certificate Curriculum

5th and 6th Year

The Leaving Certificate classes consist of maximum 24 students per class and are mixed ability.  Higher and Ordinary level are taught together.

The timetable consists of three single classes and one double per week.

Art History : 2 single classes

Figure Drawing: 1 single class

Practical Art Class: 1 double class.


Core Syllabus:

  • Figure drawing
  • Still Life
  • Craftwork (students specialise in one of the following areas): 

Puppetry, Modelling, Embroidery or Graphic Design

  • Art History and Appreciation :  Student cover three areas

                                                                Section 1:            Irish Art

                                                                Section 2:            European Art

                                                                Section 3:            Appreciation of Art


Leaving Certificate Examination 2016


Craftwork Exam                (100 marks)                        9.30 – 4.30           first Thursday in May

Still Life Exam                     (100 marks)                        9.30 – 12.00        first Friday in May

Figure Drawing Exam      (50 marks)                           2.00 – 3.00           first Friday in May

Art History Exam              (150 marks)                        June                      (See Dept. Of Ed. Timetable)

                                                                Leaving Certificate Examination 2017/18

Current Fifth Years will be sitting a revised framework for Assessment of the Craftwork and Still Life Components in 2018.  This will be project based over ten weeks in early 2018.

Assessment for Life sketching and Art History Examinations will not change from current format.



Art Material List for 1st –6th Year.

(students usually get an art pack through the school in September of First year– items can be replaced as needed from list below)

A2 Manila Folder

A3 spiral- bound Sketch pad (cartridge paper).

2b,3b,4b drawing pencils.

Good quality eraser  (recommend staedtler or putty rubber)

Pencil  parer.

2 permanent round tip black markers (one thick nib, one thin nib).

2 good quality paintbrushes (round tip, soft bristle, sizes 4 and 10).

12’’ clear plastic or metal  ruler.

Carand’ ache watercolour pencils (12)  (available from art teacher)

Watercolour paints  (available from art teacher)

Reeves oil pastels (12)

Reeves/Conte chalk pastels (12)

Optional :  Carand’ ache Neocolours   (popular with students)

Art Folder to carry materials.



(No textbooks at Junior Certificate Level)

A4 Plastic Folder

50 clear plastic pockets

Subject dividers


Leaving Certificate (5th and 6th Year) – Book Loan Scheme:

‘Appreciation and History of Art’   (Aidan O’Sullivan)

‘Less stress, more success’ (Aine Ni Charthaigh)

A4 Ringbinder, Refill Pad and 50 Clear plastic pockets