Parents Council

The Parents Council was established in 1974, and provides support for the Board Of Management, Staff and Pupils.

The purpose of our Parents Council is to assist in providing a structure through which the Parents/Guardians can work together with the school.

Effective communication between home and school is crucial for the ongoing development and education success of our children, and, as such, we work in co-operation with the B.O.M., Principal, Teachers and Students.


• To help all parents feel they have a part to play in the school and a contribution in helping to make their daughters' years in the school a positive time.

• To represent interests and views of parents.

• Inform parents of developments and changes in education.

• Promote good relationships between the Principal, Teachers and B.O.M.

• To help with the provision of lockers, gym equipment etc through fund-raising events.

Examples of how the Parents Council support the school:

• Open day – generally held in Oct. We help with tea/coffee reception for prospective students and their families.

• School Musical – running the raffle.

• Annual Draw in December.

• Fundraising events such as Flag days & Table Quizzes.

• Transition Year and 6th Year Graduation Mass in May.

As a member you also can contribute and participate in discussions with the Principal and or Deputy Principal on school policies or even changes that may be taking place, at the meeting and/or assist and organise events.

How often does the Parents Council meet?

Generally the Parents Council meet up once per month, through the school year. Notice of upcoming meetings can be found on the school Facebook page, Sacred Heart Secondary School, and a notification will be sent through our school app and website

Benefits to Parents in joining the Parents Council:

Being a member of the parents council gives you the opportunity to meet other parents and chat about school life and it’s challenges. Attending the monthly meetings also provides you with a chance to understand more about curriculum changes that may impact your daughter, ongoing school development projects, and the challenges and achievements of the school.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Paula O’Reilly