House System and form Teachers 2018/2019

House System & Form Teachers 2018/2019
Classes are assigned a House (Amergin, Rosnaree, Lir and Tara) and at various times in the year competitions/ events are held between the Houses eg. at Christmas and summer, the House with the most tokens will get a special reward, fostering House spirit in the school. 
Each class group is appointed a Form Tutor who supports the academic, personal and social development of students.

Rosnaree: Green

1st  Year - St. Fidelma Mr. Campbell 
2nd Year - St Elizabeth Mr Byrne 
3rd Year - St. Daria - Ms. Kimmins
TY - St. Laura Ms. Stafford 
5th Year - St. Faye Mr. Lynch
6th Year - St Ursula Ms. O’ Donnell

Amergin: Purple

1st Year - St. Fina - Ms. Whelan
2nd Year - St Emer Ms. Horan
3rd Year - St. Deborah Mrs Shanahan
TY - St. Leah Ms. Mitchell
5th Year - St. Gabriella Ms. Reynolds 
6th Year - St Valerie Ms. Leddy 

Tara: Blue

1st Year - St. Flora - Ms. Mc Keown 
2nd Year - St Emily Ms. Ryder
3rd Year - St. Diane Ms. Dempsey 
TY - St. Lucy Ms. Shanahan
5th Year - St. Helen Ms. Morris
6th Year - St Winifred Ms. Fox 

Lir: Gold

1st  Year - St. Frances Ms. Flanagan 
2nd Year - St Emma Ms. Ludlow
3rd  Year - St. Dorothy Mr. Byrne
5th Year - St  Isabelle Ms. Austin 
5th Year - St. Jane Mrs. Farrelly 
6th Year - St. Yvonne Ms. Carroll
6th Year - St. Zoe Ms. Sheelan