Sacred Heart Secondary School: Music Curriculum

Teacher:  Linda Collins


Junior Certificate Curriculum

1st - 3rd Year

The Junior Certificate classes are mixed ability.

Higher Level and Ordinary level are taught together.

The timetable consists of two single classes and one double class per week.


Core Syllabus:


The course in Junior Cycle Music has been specifically devised to suit the entire range of student aptitude and ability. The course has been designed to enable all students, to acquire musical skills suited to their age, varying abilities and musical experiences.


The syllabus is divided into three component parts which represent the three main

musical activities.


(a) Performing Skills:  Performing may be either school-based or the result

of private tuition and may be practised individually or in a group.


(b) Composing Skills:  Students will be involved in the composing of

melodic phrases and an introduction to elementary harmony.


(c) Listening Skills:     Students will be involved in responding in musically perceptive ways to previously prepared, as well as unprepared, songs and recorded works using technical and/or non-technical language. In the course of their study, students will acquire sufficient knowledge and experience of staff notation and aural training to be able to perceive and illustrate the relationship between sound and symbol.


Junior Certificate Examination:


Practical performance examination.


Dates:             March/April of their Junior Cert Year.


Students sit a written paper in June of third year.


Leaving Certificate Curriculum

5th and 6th Year


The Leaving Certificate classes are mixed ability.  Higher and Ordinary level are taught together.

The timetable consists of three single classes and one double per week.


Listening: 2 single classes

Composing: 1 single class

Practical performance/technology Class: 1 double class.


Core Syllabus:

The structure of this syllabus follows the Junior Certificate outline with three essential activities in performing, composing, and listening. Supporting skills and studies, e.g. music reading, analysis, dictation, historical and contextual knowledge, are included under one or more of these headings. Each student is required to study all three essential activities.

Each essential activity is allocated a 25 per cent weighting. The remaining 25 per cent can be chosen as performing, composing or listening.


Leaving Certificate Examination


Practical performance examination


Dates:  March/April of 6th year.


 Written paper


Dates:   June of 6th year


Music Material List for 1st-3rd Year.


•Notebook with dividers

•Music Manuscript Copy

•Plastic Pocket folder A4 50 pockets

•Preparatory riam Theory Workout

•Sounds Good/Bravo textbook (given in school)

  Sounds Good Workbook (teacher will advise when to buy this)

•Recorder & tin whistle

•Class soft test copy


 Music Material List for 5th–6th Year.

•Scores for Set A/B

•Set A/B workbook

•Rapid revision Set A/B

•Notebook divider or Hardback copy


•Plastic pocket folder/ring binder 50 pockets


•Past papers

•Class test copy



Textbooks: Book Scheme

  • Sounds Good and Bravo Junior Certificate
  • Music Scores Leaving Certificate


School Musicals

Our School Musical is one of the highlights of the school year and the local entertainment scene. Our talented students have exceeded all our expectations time and time again with superb performances. This year we held our musical Beauty and the Beast, in the TLT theatre Drogheda.  We have always had a great reputation for staging wonderful shows and this year was no exception. Perhaps nothing else better demonstrates school unity and purpose than the preparation and delivery of top quality performances that have become synonymous with the Sacred Heart School musical.


  • 2000 - Grease
  • 2001 - Fame
  • 2002 - West Side Story
  • 2003 - Calamity Jane
  • 2004 - Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
  • 2005 - My Fair Lady
  • 2006 - Grease
  • 2007 - Oliver
  • 2008 - Fame
  • 2009 - Grease
  • 2010 - Super Trouper, Abba the Musical
  • 2011 - Oliver
  • 2012 - Grease
  • 2013 - Hairspray
  • 2014 - Mama Mia
  • 2015 - Oliver
  • 2016 - Back to the 80’s
  • 2017 - Beauty and the Beast


                      'Beauty and the Beast, (2016)