Introduction: Swim Team


Sacred Heart is one of the very few schools in the country which offer swimming as part of their extracurricular program.
t was established in 2008 by a group of 5th year students with a shared passion for swimming, and with their enthusiasm a core group of swimmers emerged.
The team has gone from strength to strength since then, with over 60 members regularly participating in classes on a weekly basis.
Swimmer must be able to swim a length of the pool comfortably to be considered for the Swim Team. Training sessions are geared towards improving the technique, fitness and speed of the swimmer. There is also with a big emphasis on the social and fun elements of the sport, with many activities planned throughout the year.  
The Swim Program provides the ideal platform for students from different classes and years to meet and make new friends. It is also an excellent way for newer students to settle better into their new school environment.


 Lane Swimming
Lane Swimming takes place during the week throughout the school term in the Aura pool and students are free to choose how often they would like to train.

 A taxi service is provided to take students to the pool after school on Monday, with parents collecting students when the session has ended.
Conversely a taxi is also available to take students from the pool to the school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.




Although the swim team is largely non-competitive in structure, there are opportunities for students to experience the thrill of racing in the pool. 


Community Games
The County Community Games provides such a platform in a relatively low pressure environment. Many swimmers from the school have been successful in this competition and have progressed to represent their county at The National Community Games Finals.  

Schools Competition
Sacred Heart School has also tasted success at Provincial and All Ireland Schools level, which brings together the very best swimmers in the country. A former student, Niamh Morgan, is a multiple Leinster and All Ireland Schools Champion and is currently on a swimming scholarship in the U.S. In 2013 the relay team of Niamh Morgan, Sadbh Kindlon, Aisling Towey and Sarah Quinn narrowly missed out on a gold medal in the Leinster Finals. 

House Competition


Each year the school hosts its own swimming competition in the Aura pool. There are individual races for all years and medals are presented to the winners after each race. There is also fierce rivalry in the Annual 'House' Competition. Each class from 1st to 6th year enters a relay team to represent their respective House.  (Amergin, Lir, Rosnaree and Tara). The coveted 'SHS Swim Cup' is awarded to the House with the most accumulated points gained from each race. The current title holders are Lir, but plans have already been hatched among the other Houses to dethrone the champions.
Who will be victorious this year?

Charity Swim a Mile


The Swim Team has a proud tradition of promoting and encouraging charity work among all its members
The Annual 'Swim A Mile' challenge has been very successful in raising money for local causes.
It involves students swimming 64 lengths of a 25 metre pool at their own pace. Less experienced swimmers are also encouraged to participate as part of a team.
The event is held in a fun atmosphere, and the characteristics displayed in conquering the challenge are one of many rewards gained from the experience. 


 Swimming Qualifications
The school is keen on encouraging senior students to gain some swimming qualifications to enhance their CV and give them the opportunity to work in a dynamic and active work environment.
Some students spend most of the school year training to become a lifeguard. It is a rigorous program and teaches students great responsibility and respect for the water. Once qualified they can seek summer employment on the local beaches and pools in the area.
An assistant swim teacher qualification is also available. Students learn the technical aspects of the four main swimming strokes, and progress to design and teach their own classes. This qualification also creates the opportunity to work in the leisure industry.


 Open Water Swimming

As spring arrives and temperatures gradually rise, some students will be measuring up their wetsuits and preparing to brave the elements of the open water. Swimmers must have the competency and confidence to deal with these new conditions as the experience is very different from swimming in a heated indoor pool.
From the beginning of May regular visits are organised to Lough Bracken and Clogherhead. Each swimmer tows a safety buoy while swimming and is supervised at all times in the water. 
There are a number of outdoor events staged over the summer period.
The Annual Boyne Swim is a 2.7 kilometre trek through the town and has become a 'Badge of Honour' with students. 
The 'Round The Head' Clogherhead Swim tests the mettle of even the most seasoned open water swimmer and takes place in July each year. Battling the waves and strong currents have not deterred some students in completing the course. Carenza Rock has the notable distinction of being the youngest swimmer to successfully complete the route as a first year student. Not for the faint hearted!



Waterpolo may be an relatively unheralded discipline in the Irish sporting arena. Throwing a ball around a pool may seem like a relatively serene past-time, something which many people might do on a sun holiday. This analogy could not be further from the truth.
Combine the speed of Katie Ledecky, the tenacity of Katie Taylor, and the shooting accuracy of Cora Staunton and you may go some way in describing your average waterpolo player. 
The school currently boasts three Irish internationals from the same family. Sisters Sadbh and Cara Kindlon, along with their cousin, Erin Kindlon, have represented their country on several overseas internationals.
Sacred Heart competed in the All Ireland Schools Water Polo Tournament in the NAC on 22nd March 2017. 


 Feel free to take a look of some swimming photographs taken down through the years...



2012 Swim A Mile              



2013 Swim A Mile