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Transition Year is a year to get involved in lots of new and exciting activities and events. This page will be updated regularly with opportunities you can become involved in, with the latest opportunities added to the top of the page – if you have any queries in relation to these please contact the TY coordinator, Ms Sheelan

RCSI Transition Year MiniMed programme

The RCSI Transition Year MiniMed programme takes place annually in RCSI Dublin and RCSI Waterford and offers transition year students the opportunity to experience what it is like to train and work as a healthcare professional.

In February 2021, RCSI hosted an exciting virtual programme. The 2022 programme will again be virtual and will take place from Monday, 28 February to Friday, 4 March. The programme is open to all Transition Year students to take part.

All sections of the programme are carried out by leading professionals in their respective areas with a wide variety of topics – including general practice, heart surgery, pathology, paediatrics, forensic medicine, transplants, obstetrics and gynaecology, pharmacy and physiotherapy being covered during the programme.

Registration for the 2022 programme is now open: RCSI TY Parental Consent Form 2022 - Virtual RCSI TY Programme - Registration and Parental Consent (

Please note the following:

A parent or guardian must register on behalf of a student.

The event will be virtual and will take place between 28 Feb – 4 March 2022. Medicine will take place from Monday to Wednesday, followed by Pharmacy on Thursday, and Physiotherapy on Friday.

As the event is virtual, there are no limits on attendance numbers and students will not be required to turn on their camera.

If you have any queries, please contact

Frequently asked questions

What is this programme about? The Transition Year MiniMed programme is specifically designed to encourage post-primary students to consider careers in healthcare.

Will I get paid to take part? No. The programme is work experience, not a job, therefore there is no monetary reward.

I'm not sure yet if I want to study medicine; is there any point in my doing this programme? Yes, as long as you like science/medicine! It's usually a good idea to try something first before deciding if it's really what you want to do. You might discover a passion for a particular field of medicine during the programme and it would be a shame to miss the chance to try it out. You might find that it's not what you want to do after all but at least you would know this based on experience rather than an idea of what you think it would be like.

What do students say about the programme? Quotes from past participant include:

"I really enjoyed the course especially the sessions where we could discuss the subjects in detail and ask our questions."

"This was a great week and provided me with lots of priceless information."

"I would definitely recommend this placement to others because it's interesting and you see expensive machines that do some amazing things!"


AWS Girls’ Tech Day 2021, a fun-filled tech program where you can explore coding, robotics, cloud computing, problem solving, and more! This virtual event will take you on your very own space mission and you'll experience an all-star lineup of speakers, hands-on learning sessions, and fun activities. Their mission is to inspire and motivate girls and young women, ages 8-24, to develop and pursue their interests in technology. 

AWS Girls' Tech Day 2021 activities: 

  • Learn about coding through interactive sessions
  • Connect with our all-star lineup of women in tech and girls in STEAM
  • Discover how algorithms, machine learning, and cloud computing power Amazon’s fulfillment process 
  • Get your questions answered by our AWS Recruiters
  • Register for the Launch Prize Space Competition 
  • Dance with DJ Les, play trivia games, and much more

Click on the image above to register!!
(Parents/Guardians or Educators must register for students under 18 years of age. If you are over 18, you may register using your information)


ActionAid ActionTalks National Speechwriting competition

ActionAid ActionTalks National Speechwriting competition - a great opportunity for students to work on their writing skills

About ActionTalks

The ActionTalks national speech writing competition is now open!

  • Open to all students aged 14-17. Enter by submitting a written speech by Monday 17th of January 2022
  • Five entrants from each region (Leinster, Munster, and Ulster/Connacht), 15 in total, will be selected for the regional finals. To take part in the regional final, the 15 finalists will be asked to submit a video of themselves reading their speech.
  • Two winners from each region (six in total) will be selected to go forward to the national final and will receive a €50 One4All voucher each
  • National first prize: €500 voucher for the winning student and a €100 voucher for their teacher.

Topics in the ActionTalks Speech Writing Competition

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of unpaid work in the home (e.g., childminding, caretaking, household functioning), with women often bearing the brunt of this work. How can we redistribute unpaid work in a way that is fair for everyone?
  2. During the Covid-19 pandemic, incidences of gender-based domestic violence rose, both in Ireland and internationally. What can Ireland do?
  3. Unfair access to vaccines has meant that those living in the poorest countries will suffer the worst effects of the pandemic. The inequalities exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted the importance of global solidarity and international aid. Discuss.

Click on the image above to enter



Leinster Regional Conference of the European Youth Parliament Ireland

The conference will take place from the 14th to the 16th of January 2022 for 4th, 5th and 6th year students. The theme for this session is ' Project Growth, Celebrating Change and Innovation'. Over the course of the weekend, students will have the opportunity to improve their communication and public speaking skills, engage with pressing issues facing Europe and make new friends.  


What is the European Youth Parliament Ireland?

European Youth Parliament (EYP) Ireland is a non-profit youth organisation which actively engages young people in discussion of Europe and global political issues. Founded in the 1970s in France by a secondary school teacher, it gradually grew to other member states and to Ireland in 1997. We have organised weekend-long conferences for secondary school students throughout Ireland each year, promoting awareness of European issues among young people. We seek to empower young adults to question the world around them and come up with innovative solutions to European and Global problems, whilst emphasising cooperation and respect.

What does an EYP session involve?

This regional session will take place over the weekend of the 14th - 16th of January starting on Friday after school and ending on Sunday evening. 

Friday: Delegates will be split into committees of 10-12 people and they will engage in team building which strengthens their group work skills. 

Saturday: They will discuss the problems and solutions of the topic, creating a Resolution Booklet of their topic.  

Sunday: All committees will come together to debate these resolutions at the General Assembly, replicating the European Parliament in Brussels.