Student Support

“The school lives an inclusive ethos, and the welfare and personal development of students is of primary importance.”

 (Whole-School Evaluation Management, Leadership and Learning, 2011)


The Sacred Heart School serves a diverse population and we are committed to building an inclusive environment.

Students benefit from Learning Support and Resource Teaching and also Guidance and Counselling Services, links with primary schools for incoming First Years and communications with the broader school community and parents.

A Student Mental Health Team was established in our school in 2014 by our school Guidance Counsellor. The team educates students on mental health and where to go for help when and if they need it. They also work towards promoting a caring and open atmosphere in the school and building a positive and healthy mind set among the students.

Each class group is appointed a Form Tutor. We also cater to a significant number of new students across various year groups and have assigned a Post of Responsibility to a teacher who provides support to all new students, arranging a Mentor System with peer support for all First Years. In First Year 5-6 students are assigned a mentor who is a sixth Year student. She meets the girls regularly and assures they are making a positive transition from Primary to Secondary School.

We also have an International Club that experiences growing popularity with a broad cross section of students

House System & Form Teachers   


Rosnaree: Green

1st  Year            -        St. Fidelma           –       Mr. Campbell

2nd Year            -        St Elizabeth         –        Mr Byrne

3rd Year             -        St. Daria               -        Ms. Kimmins

TY                    -        St. Laura              –         Ms. Stafford

5th Year             -        St. Faye                –       Mr. Lynch

6th Year             -        St Ursula              –       Ms. O’ Donnell

Amergin: Purple

 1st Year             -        St. Fina                -        Ms. Whelan

2nd Year            -        St Emer                –       Ms. Horan

3rd Year             -        St. Deborah         –        Mrs Shanahan

TY                    -        St. Leah                –        Ms. Mitchell

5th Year             -        St. Gabriella         –       Ms. Reynolds

6th Year             -        St Valerie             –        Ms. Leddy


Tara: Blue

 1st Year             -        St. Flora               -        Ms. Mc Keown

2nd Year            -        St Emily               –        Ms. Ryder

3rd Year             -        St. Diane              –       Ms. Dempsey

TY                    -        St. Lucy                –        Ms. Shanahan

5th Year             -        St. Helen              –       Ms. Morris

6th Year             -        St Winifred          –        Ms. Fox


 Lir: Gold

 1st  Year            -        St. Frances           –       Ms. Flanagan

2nd Year            -        St Emma              –        Ms. Ludlow

3rd  Year            -        St. Dorothy           –       Mr. Byrne

5th Year             -        St  Isabelle            –      Ms. Austin

5th Year             -        St. Jane                –       Mrs. Farrelly

6th Year             -        St. Yvonne           –        Ms. Carroll

6th Year             -        St. Zoe                 –        Ms. Sheelan