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Board of Management

Board of Management

Sacred Heart Secondary School is an all girls Voluntary Catholic Secondary school given direction by the Mercy philosophy of education and under the trusteeship of CEIST (Catholic Education An Irish Schools' Trust

The Board of Management of the Sacred Heart School manages the school on behalf of the Trustees CEIST and is accountable to the CEIST. The Board upholds the characteristic spirit of the school and is accountable to the patron for so doing.

The current Board of Management composed of eight members, commenced in October 2021. The Board comprises the Chairperson appointed by CEIST, three additional Trustee nominees, two teacher nominees, two parent nominees. The Principal, Ms. Leoni Carroll is Secretary to the Board and Ms. Mandy Hoey is Recording Secretary. The Board is responsible for all matters relating to the school and it delegates to the Principal the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school.

The Board very much appreciates the support received from students and parents in all aspects of school life to include policy formation and review, school self-evaluation, fundraising etc. The Board is particularly grateful for the relationship created between the student body, staff and parents.

BOM Agreed Reports

Agreed Report 13th March 2024
Agreed Report 22nd Jan 2024
Agreed Report 29th November 2023
Agreed Report 4th October 2023
Agreed Report 29th March 2023
Agreed Report 18th January 2023
Agreed Report 30th November 2022
Agreed Report 11th October 2022
Agreed Report 9th February 2022
Agreed report 19th October 2021
Agreed Report 10th Nov 2021
Agreed Report 15th December 2021

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